Bomba Rice (pack of 4)

Bomba Rice (pack of 4)

Growing to twice its length upon cooking, it does not become glutinous and offers great consistency and excellent flavour. “Illa de Riu” bomba rice, produced from selected seeds, is an unblended variety which offers consistent characteristics when it comes to cooking and flavour, benefiting both the chef and costumer.

4 fabric bags. 1kg each.

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Why in GourmetVip - Arroz Delta del Ebro

After lots of searching ... we finally found it ... the Trías family produces the Illa de Riu Bomba Rice.

manos-270.jpgVariety of rice cultivated since the last century. Its culinary quality is highly appreciated. Growing to twice its length upon cooking, it does not become glutinous and offers great consistency and excellent flavour. Illa de RiuBomba Rice, produced from selected seeds, is an unblended variety which offers consistency characteristics when it comes to cooking and flavour, benefiting both the chef and consumer.
Illa de Riu is an agricultural firm currently run by the third generation of the Trías family, dedicated to the production and commercialization of high quality rice under the brand name ILLA DE RIU.

They produce Certified Seed rice and hold theOfficial Qualification of Seed Selectors and they obtain different varieties of rice from the first generation for their own use and its commercialization. Among these we find the bomba seed, which they do not commercialize so as to increase the prestige of their end product.
The aim in providing this information is to highlight the high quality of this product. In producing their own seed and growing it without the need for third party involvement, they assure maximum quality and no mixing with other varieties, resulting in consistent quality and uniformity of product.
All stages of production take place at their Montsià Cooperative facility, which is equipped with modern installations that meet all health regulations. In addition to the attractiveness of its presentation; their packaging also features adouble-sealed interior to ensure perfect conservation.
It is for all this reasons that Illa de Riu Bomba rice is being increasingly sought after by the best restaurants and specialist shops inside and outside Spain.

José del Romero (1873-1936), a Barcelona-born commanding officer in the merchant navy, in 1917 acquired an immense estate on the River Ebro Delta, property of the Marquisate of Tamarit, known as Illa del Pantà or Illa de Riu (Marsh Island or River Island).
The salinity of the land on the estate would only allow for rice cultivation, and with the help of residents from nearby villages, the grounds were converted into paddy fields, which were then rented to smallholders who paid with a proportion of their harvest.
casa-270.jpgUpon José del Romero’s death, his wife, Montserrat de Sentmenat, who would eventually become known as "The Commandress", took charge of the estate.
Roberto Trías, the husband of Pilar, one of Montserrat’s daughters, took charge of half of the property and spent over 40 years creating irrigation canals and paths between paddy fields. His son Juan Trías del Romero, the youngest of nine children, is the current head of the firm which operates SAT Pantar Illa de Riu farm.
The family tradition was to sell all their rice production to whole salers, reserving a small part for the home consumption. But in 1995 with a very important stock sold, the company decided to commercialize its own brand, Illa deRiu. Years later, the Bomba rice commercialization is consolidated and represents 18% of the total production of the estate.

The Illa de Riu rice’s are cultivated from carefully selected seeds on the "Illa de Riu" estate, meaning they are always homogeneous. QUALITY AND UNIFORMITY GUARANTEED. Illa de Riu rice offers consistent quality because it does not contain a single grain of other varieties and therefore always has the same flavour, the same texture, the same appearance and requires the same cooking time, characteristics welcomes by the most demanding chefs. CONSISTENCY GUARANTEED.


The rice-growing originslie in the production of their own rice seeds.Their own expert (who holds a PhD in Agricultural engineering and a lecturer at Lleida University) selects one hundred ears of rice, from which the best are picked and one hundred more used to begin the next cycle. With these few kilos, a small surface is sown to obtain a second generation. Then, to continue increasing production, a third generation is created, and finally a fourth, from which commercial rice is obtained. This process is identical for all the varieties they select and is repeated each year. This is a complex and delicate work, but it ensures a purity of variety which is essential in guaranteeing maximum quality.
Weeds, insects and fungus attack plants during cultivation. They use those products necessary for the optimum development of the plants, and fertilizer is also added at the appropriate time.
The cycle normally begins at the end of April and ends with the mechanical harvest in September. Much care is taken with this procedure in order to ensure that no stray grains of a different variety are present, and thus avoiding contamination, both in the production of seeds and in the rice destined for consumers. It is dried and stored before it passes through the various stages of production and then is distributed to the final consumer after packaging.

" The Ebro Delta is like a world in itself, individual, unique (…). The villages, rich in resources, have a primitive development and are inhabited by healthy-looking farmers (…) The impression is of finding oneself in a strong, free land – the same sensation as finding oneself aboard a ship, sailing"
Josep Pla, Guide to Catalonia, 1971.

If we were looking for a place to discover impermanence, or a place where it is difficult to establish the divide between land and water, or even between fresh and salt water, that place would be a delta.The Ebro Delta is a quasi-island of around 300 square km, in the shape of an arrowhead entering the sea, where over the passage of time the Saltwort field have been turned into rice fields. 

It is the area of Catalonia with the longest tradition of rice production, motivated by the proximity of the river, the nature of the climate, its salinity levels, and the height of the phreatic layer. One of the Delta’s rice varieties most appreciated by international-renewed chefs is the Bomba.The reasons for this are both many and of great significance .Its composition and the way in which it reacts to cooking guarantee success in any dish, under any circumstances.

Main features and properties of Illa de Riu rice
A very meticulous process is followed to breed the varieties that best suit to this area.It also has a very sophisticated mechanical selection in order to choose the best and most suitable beans for use as seed.
Regarding the "bomba" variety, we produce the seed exclusively for our own use, and all we sell it is of our own production, including the drying and storage process. The only thing that we do notdo is the processing and packaging (which is done in the Montsià Cooperative). The whole production process is therefore in our own hands, not depending on anyone who could usea different grow system, thus ensuring a homogeneous, uniform product and unmixed...
The agronomic properties that distinguish the "bomba" rice can be summarized as a very low and delicate production. With regard the culinary properties there is a high proportion of amylose (giving consistency starch and low adhesiveness to the rice) that provides these fantastic features. It also stands out for its flavour, and the absorption capacity of flavours... It is for all this that is qualified as a number one.
Benefits of Illa de Riurice

The guarantee of quality and consistency arealways part of the product. The chef will always obtain the same degree of cooking.
What makes the Illa de Riuricedifferent than other brands?

The Illa de Riu rice’s are the only ones with seed production, cultivation, harvesting, drying and storage happening in the same estate, there by ensuring consistency in its quality.
In Which kinds of foods Illa de RiuBomba ricecould be used?

It is ideal for preparing a famous paella.

The "Bomb" rice is also extraordinary for any type of rice; both the dry and the soupy,including risottorice pudding...

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Bomba Rice (pack of 4)

Bomba Rice (pack of 4)

Growing to twice its length upon cooking, it does not become glutinous and offers great consistency and excellent flavour. “Illa de Riu” bomba rice, produced from selected seeds, is an unblended variety which offers consistent characteristics when it comes to cooking and flavour, benefiting both the chef and costumer.

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