Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

3 unique flavors that let you flavor your meals in healthy ways. Besides giving a twist

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Why in GourmetVip - Aceites Vianóleo

With more than 200 years dedicated to olive cultivation, Vianoleo starts its activity in 2004 in Guareña (Badajoz).
empresa.jpgOwners of 320 hectares and 80,000 olive trees for production, this company brings to the market a modern approach to the olive oil with modern packaging a esthetics, closely linked with the quality of their olive trees.

iO, an olive oil taking center stage

iO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a careful selection of the varieties used to blend it (Manzanilla Cacereña and Arbequina) and a meticulous attention to proportions.
To get this exquisite and balanced oil, they employ professionals with more than 20 years’ experience and recognized institutional prestige in the world of olive oil tasting.
The result is an especially fruity, smooth, light green, medium-bitter, spicy and somewhat sweet oil, with the aroma of green apples, recently cut grass and hints of banana, almond and tomato, accompanied by a minimal acidity level of 0’1º.


iO, is only possible due to the careful and painstaking dedication of three basic processes in the confection of the great extra virgin olive oil: harvesting, production and preserving.
The harvesting is done at the exact moment on the seven or ten days when the olive reaches its most organoleptic power. The collection is done manually so as not to harm the fruit and set off oxidation processes. Once collected, the harvest is taken to the almazara (mill) in a time window of no more than three hours from picking.
In the production process the mixing of the pulp, lasting approximately one hour, is done at the low temperature. The extraction of the oil ends in the final separator, where the fruit tissue particles are removed.
Afterwards, the mix goes through a decanting process that will lend transparency and clarity to the product.
After a resting phase, the oil is taken to the bodega (cellar) where it is preserved in stainless steel barrels, avoiding contact with oxygen and the consequent oxidization process, as well as other degradation processes that could affect the oil.

Vianoleo Oils
Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (“manzanilla, cacereña”and “arbequina” varieties). Awarded with medals in the “intensively fruity” category and “contemporaneous design” in “Los Angeles International Olive Oil”, USA 2010. Awarded with 2 stars at GTA in UK. 

Presented in an elegant, simple and contemporaneous design, it gives a touch of distinction and exclusivity.
Enjoying this delicious oil is one of the most recommended experiences.

Surat Oil

Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (“cornezuelo”and“arbequina”). Awarded with the silver medal in “medium fruity” - Los Angeles 2010 – USA and also awarded with 1 star at GTA in UK.

This balanced juice, with organoleptic attributes, is very appreciated in the Haute cuisine, and presents a contemporaneous design with a practical packaging.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

This new line of oils “Surat” is the result of a very specific and special selection of varieties.
Composed by a range of oils, after long processes of research and development, this oil is enriched with lycopene: powerful antioxidant, extracted from the tomato in a natural manner, in order to subsequently mix it with the oil and thus enhance its absorption.
The benefits of this organic olive oil with lycopene are: anti-aging effect, prevention against cardiovascular diseases, anti-carcinogenic and improvement of the quality of sperm.
iO oils, known and appreciated by chefs and experts in gastronomy around the world, have been protagonists of the most important industry awards, winning two stars in the most prestigious international competition in United Kingdom, “Great Taste Award”, which recognizes the exceptional quality of this oil. 
They have also been awarded with the silver medal in the “intensively fruity” category, in the prestigious competition of the "Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition" in the US 2010. Another award has been the gold medal in the "Label Packaging Design - Contemporary" category, in the prestigious "Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition" in the United States.
Premios Vianoleo.jpg

The power of Lycopen
Known for being a powerful natural antioxidant, belonging to the family of carotenoids (providing the characteristic red colour to tomatoes), watermelons and to other fruits and vegetables, Lycopene has very beneficial properties for our health, since it acts by protecting the cells of the organism from oxidative stress.
By eating vegetables, humans only take advantage of 5% of lycopene. When Lycopene is combined with oil, 90% can be assimilated. For this and several other reasons, numerous scientific studies have shown the health beneficial properties of lycopene which:

• Significantly reduces the incidence of cancerous diseases, especially: Lung, colon, digestive tract and prostate cancer.
Reduces cholesterol levels, lowering the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases.
Prevents macular degeneration, the main cause of blindness in older people.
Prevents infertility problems improving the quantity and quality of the sperm.
Delay the aging process.
• Has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene

3 unique flavors that let you flavor your meals in healthy ways. Besides giving a twist

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