Gourmet Bottle 500 ml.

Gourmet Bottle 500 ml.

One of the most prestigious internationally Spanish olive oils. Got first prize in the International Competition XIII? ORCIOLO The D'ORO 2011 (Italia) Intense Fruity category.

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Why in GourmetVip - Aceites Montes Marín

Manuel Montes Marín, born and raised among olive trees, has always been linked to this traditional crop. Owner of properties as a Fuente de MaderaLos Olivillos or Canamero, all located in the area of ??protection of the Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba, has managed to get the most out of old hojiblancos and picudos olive trees and, in most cases located on steep high, commensurate to the place where you are located, the Parque Natural de la Subbéticas.

olivas-300.jpgTo give an idea of the steepness of the terrain, noting the slopes above 60% and located at altitudes higher than 1000 meters above sea level.

In the interest of finding the highest quality, collection of their own plots starts in mid-October when the olives are still green, ending in the first half of November, when the fruit has reached the state of veraison.

All harvesting is done by hand, with exquisite pampering and care to not damage the olive. And similarly, in order that this is not crushed olives are transported in individual boxes to the mill, which will proceed to grinding.


The facilities for the mill are located in what was an old Andalusian farmhouse, called Fuente la Madera, presenting the curiosity of which are at the foot of La Tiñosa, the highest point of the province of Córdoba. This mill waslaunched In 1994, equipped with the latest technologies with the ultimate goal of obtaining the highest quality andmaximum respect for the environment.

almazara-300.jpgThe production of the first oil of the season, continous the care and the delicacy with which the olives were collected. In the front yard is still sorting that has previously been made ??in the field. Hoppers battery allows storage in terms of quality.

The olive mill begins just after half an hour later in the same mill. Takes place at room temperature, approximately 19 ° C. Hygiene is strict in all phases of the process and is ensured by the implementation of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.


To this end, the mill is provided with a continuous extraction system of two phases, which incorporates the latest technological advances. The olive winery is fully heated, maintaining a constant temperature to avoid interactions on the oil, thus eliminating temperature drops in winter as in summer hikes.

Vídeo, Denominación Origen Priego de Córdoba


The deposits are all made of stainless steel material, that avoids the harmful action of light and helps to preserve the product. To avoid possible oxidation due to free oxygen in the deposits, is installed in most of these devices nitrogen for creating inert atmospheres, which in turn reverse in a better conservation of oil deposited there.


envasdora-300.jpgAn intermittent rotary monoblock string of 10 head of continuous injection, with a capacity of 4500 liters / hour, can work with any type of packaging: glass, pet or can.

Type: Extra virgin olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin "PRIEGO DE CORDOBA".
Collection date: Last half of October and first half of November.
Collection Technique: Manual.
Varieties: 60% Picuda Olive- 40% Hojiblanca Olive.
Method of production: Centrifugation with continuous system at 19 °.
Conservation: Stainless steel tank with inert gas (nitrogen).




  • Guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world "FLOS OLEI 2011" Oreggia Marco (Italy). Recognized for the Guide.
  • I Young Contest Oils Extra Virgin Olive Gastrotur 2010 (Armilla-Granada). First Prize Conventional Production mode the best oil in the Variety Hojiblanca
  • Concorso Internazionale "SOL D'ORO" 2,011 (Verona - Italy). Special Mentions - Intense Fruity Category
  • Paris Gourmet AVPA Contest 2011 (France). Gourmet d'Or - Intense Fruity category.
  • Gourmet d'Argent - Intense Fruity category.
  • XIII International Competition "L'Orciolo D'ORO" 2011 (Italy). First Prize. Intense Fruity category.
  • Great Menzione. Medium Fruity category.
  • XIV Edition Award Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spanish, 2010-2011 Harvest, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs. First Prize. Conventional mode "Bitter Green fruity". First Prize "Spain Food Award for Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Campaign 2010-2011.
  • VIII National Contest for Best Oil Mill AEMO 2010. first Prize
  • Provincial Contest IV Virgin Olive Oil "Córdoba Provincial Council Award 2010-2011". First Prize in Category Green fruity.
  • XIV Edition of the Awards for Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Protected Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba, Campaign 2010/2011. Gold Medal
  • ITQI - Superior Taste Award. Superior Taste Award 2011. (Bruselas. Belgium). 3 Star Award. (Classification Exceptional)
  • 6th Edition of the International Competition OLIVE D'OR - SIAL CANADA 2011. (Canada). Silver Medal. Intense Fruity category.
  • V Concorso Internazionale Oleario Armonia - ALMA Trophy 2011 (Italy). Diploma of Great Mention. Intense Fruity category.
  • TERRAOLIVO International Competition 2011 (Jerusalem, Israel). Gran Prestige Gold

How to enjoy an exceptional olive oil


iStock_000013066394XSmall.jpgAway from light, air and protected from sudden changes in temperature, a fine extra virgin olive oil increases olfactory and gustatory sensations up to the fantastic.

RecipeBread, Olive Oil and Salt

Day fresh or tosted bread

5-10 grams of extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

Prepare to taste, oil spreading on bread and adding salt.

Must be taken immediately, slowly.


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Gourmet Bottle 500 ml.

Gourmet Bottle 500 ml.

One of the most prestigious internationally Spanish olive oils. Got first prize in the International Competition XIII? ORCIOLO The D'ORO 2011 (Italia) Intense Fruity category.

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