Gourmet Box

Gourmet Box

The big box with a great selection of our gourmet products. The exclusive black design is very well suited for a christmas gift.

Can of Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Chinata 500 ml Olive jam Picos Fig pulp vinegar Infusion 'Fruits' Rosemary honey Paprika & Olive spread Porcini mushroom spread Garlic flavoured olive oil Porcini flavoured olive oil Romesco sauce Honey & Mustard vinaigrette En Rama (Unfiltered, early harvest collection) Sea salt crystals with Smoked Paprika Balsamic vinegar with Honey Sofrito sauce Dimensions: 38 x 38 x + 46cm

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Why in GourmetVip - Patés La Chinata

The Origin of la Chinata

The history of La chinata begins around 1932, when our ancestors began to grind olives from our region: Gata’s mountain range. In those days, olive oil was obtained in rudimentary olive-oil mills. Olives were put into stone mills to be crushed, and a paste came out as a result. Such paste was later on put into a press in order to extract the oil. Paste layers were formed, and they were separated by circular plates. By pressing those plates olive oil was extracted. The olive oil that came from the process was decanted to separate it from the Alpechín: a mixture of water and olive residue.

1.jpgNowadays, we count on the most advanced grinding and pressing systems, and, although, they are still purely mechanical processes; they are able to extract a lot more oil in a very clean and controlled manner in order to guarantee the quality of an extra virgin olive oil.

Aware of the growing concern among our clients to consume healthy, natural foods; we have for some time been producing a top quality range of products under our brand: La Chinata gourmet selection. They are mostly products made of our best virgin extra olive oil, but we have recently added several vinegars, honeys, salts, among other products.

A Mediterranean temptation

‘Pâté’ is a French invention from the middle Ages, it means ‘paste’. It is said that the first olive paste, also known as ‘olivada’ or ‘tapanade’ was originated in the Provence, although some affirm that it already existed before in other Mediterranean countries before that.


La Chinata has selected a range of Mediterranean products, apart from olives, like pepper, tomato, porcini mushroom… and has elaborated tasty pâtés enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are a tempting appetizer, simply spread on a slice of bread.

Moreover, the gastronomical possibilities are sheer endless: you can add them to salads, pastas, pizzas or use them to go with vegetables, fish or white meat. As part of vinaigrette, it’s an original new way of dressing a salad.

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Gourmet Box

Gourmet Box

The big box with a great selection of our gourmet products. The exclusive black design is very well suited for a christmas gift.

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