Tapa Special Pack

Tapa Special Pack

With Porto-Muiños you approach high Galician cuisine with this Pack Special four sea and land covers. Now you can enjoy at home, a meal so amazing and natural bio.

Contains a selection of four covers of land and sea: cover the Japanese mixed mushrooms , mussel cover kombu salsa with sugar Cover Endive with nuts and wakame trunk and cover kombu piquillo peppers with sugar .

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Why in GourmetVip - Delicias de Algas Gallegas

In the world market all kinds of seaweed, but it is in the Galician coast where there are up to 600 different species, many of them edible.

prodcat_44_imx_2.jpgFrom 1998, the Porto-Muiños family business began marketing the first algae food of Spain, subjecting them to various research studies to discover its nutritional properties.

Algae are plants but have nothing to do with the land vegetables far outweigh their properties and provide basic items hard to find in other products.

In Porto-Muiños  we sale more over twenty different species of algae for food. Its sea flavor has made them an exquisite product for some master chefs and represent an essential element in their coveted dishes.


Growing Vegetables From the Sea

est_6_imx_1.jpgSeaweeds Porto-Muiños marketed grow on rocks that bathe the cold, clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Local divers select and cut the best units in the most suitable time for each species and are transported to the facilities of the company, where they are processed and grown food for later use.
For this research work and for the dissemination of the organoleptic qualities of algae, Porto-Muiños is the pioneer in Spain in the installation of seaweed farming.


There are various awards that support work and innovation of Porto-Muiños in national and international food market.
Proof of this are the awards granted in recent years among which international awards as Fresh Ideas Awards 2011 (United Kingdom), Great Taste Awards 2010 (United Kingdom), elected Products Innovation Sial Fair 2008 (France) and Award Reihe von Tee mit Algen 2007 (Germany).
In national distinctions include corporate awards to the Newcomer Company of the Year 2010 (Galicia), Business Excellence and Innovation 2010 (Galicia), the Distinguished Craftsman Award 2009 Gallaecia (Galicia) and Enterprise PIPE 2000 2002 (Navarre).

Sustainability and respect for the environment 

With the installation of seaweed harvest fields, Porto-Muiños involved in conserving the natural environment and, on the other hand, significantly reduces the effort of workers.

Why use seaweed in our diet?

Algae food are healthy and nutritious vegetables.
est_7_imx_1.jpgEmphasizes its richness in vitamins and minerals, rare elements in today's most common food of our traditional diet.
They have many minerals and some of them, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium or iodine, in sufficient quantity to cover a very large percentage of the amount recommended daily intake.
These are foods that provide diversity and quantity of vitamins, such as vitamin A, C and B vitamins so rare and necessary today.
Some sea vegetables are rich in protein, so it is recommended for inclusion in vegetarian diets or diets low in animal protein.
Also, are rich in fiber and fitocoloides, substances that act by promoting intestinal motility and also satisfying, so they are appropriate for diets.
They are low in fat and carbohydrates, so it is a food recommended calorie diets.
Besides being healthy and nutritious have flavors, textures and colors that make them very versatile in the kitchen.
For all these features, you have begun to use in haute cuisine, and are a very coveted among chefs worldwide.

Preparation Tips

Dried Seaweed

Remember that dried algae increase their weight when hydrated.
When cooking a recipe with water as stews, soups, ... may be incorporated directly into the pan dried seaweed as hydrated while cooking.
If you hydrated it  before, use cold water with a little pinch of salt, and it is important to give time to moisturize, but should not be exceeded since the algae lose their texture.
The water of hydration can be used for cooking.

Fresh Algae

1. - Immerse in water and stir.
2. - Change the water 3 times, repeating the process to remove the salt.
3. - Boil. Keep in mind that the cooking time varies with species.
4. - Drain and reserve the cooking water for soups.

Vegetables and Seaweed Salad Recipe

Ensalada de verduras y algas.JPGIngredients

Mix lettuce, endive, blue cheese, walnuts, apple, Wakame, Sea Spaghetti, young garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar of Modena, tomatoes, onion and flour.


1. - Cook the wakame and spaghetti for 15 minutes.
2. - Chop the wakame into strips, put a pinch of salt and oil and place in endive leaves.
3. - Season the mix of lettuce and make a bouquet.
4. - Cut the tomatoes into thin slices.
5. - Cut the onion into rings, go through flour and fry.
6. - Saute garlic spaghetti with sea.
7. - Chop the apples, slice the cheese and add the nuts.

You have this and many other recipes Seaweed Kitchen Classroom Porto-MuiñosCooking school recipes

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Tapa Special Pack

Tapa Special Pack

With Porto-Muiños you approach high Galician cuisine with this Pack Special four sea and land covers. Now you can enjoy at home, a meal so amazing and natural bio.

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