Mejillón Escabeche Fuera de Serie

Mejillón Escabeche Fuera de Serie

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Why in GourmetVip - Conservas Escuris

Coming directly from the Rias Baixas, selected   "Fuera de Serie" by Luis Escuris Batalla homemade preserves are the highest quality preserves of our cuisine.

Using the larger and best texture seafood, elaborate the preserves by hand and present them as no one has done before,  results in a product created for the enjoyment of the most discerning palate.

No wonder that have made ??a significant dent in the national and international market and now we want to bring it to your home.
A preserves "Our of the Charts"
Luis Escuris  Canned Preserves  have always had the ultimate goal to get a top quality product.  
ria-arosa-300.jpgJust enjoy your cans of mussels, which only choose those best size and texture, which are fried gently in a good olive oil and subsequently handled with care until the end of its packaging, to understand how their good work is supported by Galicia Quality assurance.

They make all their preserves in the Ria de Arosa, the heart of the Rias Baixas. His mouth opens between the tips Covasa, north, and San Vicente, to the south. Inside are numerous islands and islets of exceptional beauty Illa Sálvora highlighting the entry in the Illa de Arosa in its central and Cortegada in substance, in contact with the mouth of the Ulla river, by land Carril. Precisely the latter was donated to the early twentieth century to the residence of King Alfonso XIII. It is normal in a setting like this will draw some of the finest jewels of the sea of our cuisine.

Ría de Arosa, Rías Baixas.

GourmetVip Tips

This time, we suggest a recipe with which you will make your mouth water: Rice with Prawns and Cockles in Brine.

Ingredients (serves 4)

3 cloves of garlic
1 onion
2 ripe tomatoes
1 dash of white wine
6 cups of brown rice
1 tablet of fish stock broth (or natural fish stock)
1 measure of rice (ideal 1 cup)
1,5 measures of water (1,5 cups)
1/2 kilo of prawns
3 cans of clams with garlic (if you do not like spicy as au naturel)
1 lemon


It stir fry minced garlic and onion, when transparent add the tomato and wine, decreases slightly and stir the rice into the mix. Then add the water with the fish stock and water from cockles cans, and cook over medium-low heat so that it is heavvy moist. Five minutes before the end of cooking, add the peeled prawns and lemon juice, and a minute before the cockles. Cover with a cloth and ready 5 minutes.

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Mejillón Escabeche Fuera de Serie

Mejillón Escabeche Fuera de Serie

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