6 bottle case LAPOLA 2012

6 bottle case LAPOLA 2012

White wine 2012 vintage, Denomination of Origin Ribeira Sacra. Elaborated with grape varieties 50% Godello and the rest Albariño, Torrontes, Treixadura & Loureira from vineyards aged betwwen 4 and 100 years

6 bottle case Lapola 2012 vintage. Fermentation in French oak barrels for 7 months and in 1200 lts foudres on its lees for 15 months.

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Why in GourmetVip - Vinos DO Ribera Sacra

FotoDescripcion01.jpgDominio do Bibei

is not only a winery, it is also a unique piece of land, located in a special landscape, where nature and arquitecture form a special and particular space.

Managed by a young and professional team, lead by Sara Pérez & René Barbier, they are very conscious of the importance of respecting such aspecial and privileged environment that Ribeira Sacra is. This respect is reflected in all aspects, from the moment that the winery was built, totally integrated in the hillside, up to the harvest of the different grape varieties and elaboration of wines.

Dominio do Bibei D.O. Ribeira Sacra blends tradition and natural ecological methods with innovation and development, ensuring that the results are the most satisfactory ones. 

What gives more character to this wine is everything around it, the clime, the vegetation, the water... These circumstances are the most critical ones to obtain a good wine, and in Domino Do Bibei, they have an exceptional environment in order to achieve a different and exceptional wine. 

Ribeira Sacra, Origin 'mark'

FotoDescripcion02.jpgWhen the design of the winery was being developed in 2000, the landscape was taken into consideration in order to give it an important role, due to its singularity. Looking for complete integration, they decided to split and spread the different buildings along the hillside, in a staggered way. 

This strategy, based in a traditional construction system of constructing in different levels, ensured a minimum impact on the landscape and allowed them also to use natural gravity as part of the system of wine elaboration. With all this, the integration in the environment is elegant and subtle at the same time.

Dominio Do Bibei, a piece of land in a special landscape

The "terruño" is a differentiaiting element, which determines the particularities of the land and is the mark of all vineyards. In former times, Dominio Do Bibei lands were far away from civilization, used only by the people who lived in these mountains. 

The rock below these vineyards is granitic. In some zones there is a presence of sand, combined with the typical minerals that form granite: mica, quartz and feldspar. This is what makes these lands so special. 

Furthermore this region has an Atlantic climate, with soft and more steady temperatures, combined with higher rainfalls. All this suits perfectly the wine elaboration, and is one of the key aspects that makes Dominio Do Bibei so special and unique in its taste and flavour.

Manual and selective recolection

The "terruño" has made possible to recover the different grape varieties typical of the Ribeira Sacra, when some of them had been almost abandoned: Mencía, Brancellao, Mouratón, Garnacha tintorera, Sousón, Caiño, Gran Negro or “Vella da Caxata” for the red wines and Alabariño, Dona Blanca, Colagadeira, Treixadura & Torrontes for the white wines.

FotoDescripcion03.jpgThe recolection is done by hand and in small cases, taking into consideration the nature of the soil, and influence of the climate and grape varieties. Then a selection process of the best grapes takes place, also by hand. 

Then after fermentation, they use old barrels. These barrels are very well known: each sensation, each forest, history... This is how they are used, depending on the different varieties, and far away from mechanization.

Once bottled, the wines are stored and kept for 18 months in wine cellars.

In Dominio do Bibei, they look for ellegance, complexity of time, minerality and freshness, which is a perfect combination for their wines.

Quality Indicatives

Not all spanish wines are able to reach the best Parker scores, or having a special mention from Robert Parker.Dominio Do Bibei is an example of one of the best spanish wines, reaching outstanding scores for the 2007 vintage, with Lacima obtaining 95 points Lalama 94 points.

With regards Guía Peñín, the scores are very similar with Lacima obtaining 94 points and Lalama 92 points,

Recommendations of consumption

Some solid residue may be encountered. Decanting is recomended.

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6 bottle case LAPOLA 2012

6 bottle case LAPOLA 2012

White wine 2012 vintage, Denomination of Origin Ribeira Sacra. Elaborated with grape varieties 50% Godello and the rest Albariño, Torrontes, Treixadura & Loureira from vineyards aged betwwen 4 and 100 years

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